What do we do when we make a choice? How do we decide what to go and see in the festival and how do we at Dance4 decide what to programme?

In its simplest form, we all make decisions, usually once we have looked at the options. And inherent in that is our own sense of what we like and dislike, or what we think we like and dislike. As a festival team, as well as this, we also think about what your response as an audience member might be.

So this year we have decided to try something new. We have decided to let others make many of the choices in terms of the content of the festival. From asking artists to be curators, asking audience panels to select the work that they thought should be in the festival, to asking artists to share their own choices in the actual making of work. So far, what an eye penning experience we have had along the way!

It’s now up to you to make your choices and to help enjoy those we have organised transport to help those of you living outside of Nottingham, get to and from the festival. See page 23 for all details of our brand new chauffer service.

We look forward to seeing you during the festival

The Dance4 Team

Nottdance 2008 includes works by :

Alain Platel (BE)

Benjamin Verdonck (BE)

Fumiyo Ikeda (BE)

Gabrielle Reuter (DE/UK)

Isreal Galván (ES)

Juan Domînguez (ES)

Kate McIntosh (NZ/BE)

Martin del Amo (AU)

Matsune and Subal Production (JP/AT)

Miguel Pereira (PT)

Richard Hancock (US/UK)

Taldans (TR)

Traci Kelly (UK)

Vincent Dupont (FR)

      Home Page Image : Alain Platel, Benjamin Verdonck and Fumiyo Ikeda – Nine Fingers– Photo Credit – Herman Sorgeloos

About Page Image : Vincent Dupont – Hauts Cris. Photo Credit – Linde Van Raeschelder